Friday, 23 March 2012

Today I finally took some photos of the first soft mount stoat commission I did:

This one gave me a lot of trouble around the face, especially the lips. The head also had a bald spot that I had to fix with a hair transplant :0

All in all I am quite happy with it :)

He is tanned and 'stuffed' with a clay and foam head, taxidermy glass eyes, teddy bear stuffing in the neck and legs and 'beans' for the body. He is slightly pose-able (I would say 'manipulable').

Also, here is the WIP head for the second commissioned stoat! I feel it's an improvement :D

No, the pins are not for some weird voodoo ritual. They keep the skin in place and such while the clay and skin dry :)

I also tried to mount some mice and moles, but the furslip on all of them was too bad but ONE mouse. He has a little behind his ear but hopefully it will look fine once dry. I have another 5 mice in the freezer so it's not the end of the world, but still :(

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