Thursday, 26 July 2012

Taxidermy Suppliers in the UK

Even though the taxidermy industry in the UK might seem dwarfed by it's American counterpart, we are thankfully not at a loss when it comes to suppliers. There are four suppliers that I am currently aware of, and use regularly. This blog post will deal with them, including my own personal experiences.

JHT Supplies, South Wales -

Search for any taxidermy supply on Ebay and you will inevitably find JHT supplies within seconds. They are the largest taxidermy supplier in the UK, as it seems. They stock a large variety of forms, eyes, chemicals, tools and bases for the amateur and expert taxidermist. Also available through them is a yearly subscription to the US' premier taxidermy magazine Breakthrough, as well as individual issues. I have used JHT for 3-4 years now, and they never fail to impress.

They do have a paper based catalogue which is full of wonderful things for the taxidermist. It also provides information on measuring your specimen for a form, and also explanations of, and examples of mounts made with the various products. All their products are high quality and their customer service is excellent. I cannot recommend them higher.

They do not have a website, but they do run an ebay store. You can also email them at with orders, catalogue requests (which is free) and for general advice on the products that you need to make your mount look the part.

Snowdonia Taxidermy Supplies, Wales -

Snowdonia Taxidermy Supplies previously stocked a lot more items, including forms. However, JHT have surpassed them in sales in this area through the ebay selling platform. Now, they stock only chemicals and tools for taxidermy and sculpture. Their glass eye products are now over at another website, which is mentioned below.

Despite this, they do have some products worth purchasing. Their chemicals are very good, and I purchase my 'white tan' from them. JHT stock Lutan-F, but I haven't tried that out yet. For now, STS white tan is good for me as it's great value for money, and very efficient. Their 'supa-soft oil' is also excellent for pelts. They also stock instructional DVDs, skull bleach, needles and knives and other useful tools.

All chemicals come with FULL instruction sheets and F.A.Q.s.

I have also had a good experience with STS and I would recommend them to everyone for their low cost, high quality chemicals and tools. -

Sister site and side-business of STS, have a massive (and I mean massive!) selection of glass eyes for taxidermy, doll making and other similar products. Expect the same service and quality as STS, and they can help you out with any enquires you have if you email them.

Watkins & Doncaster -

Primarily a store for naturalists, but they do stock some taxidermy items. Their prices are a little higher than STS and JHT, but they do sell a fox rug head that the other two do not, as well as many quirky and interesting things. Also they have earliners that are not lead, like JHT.

Worth a look, even if just to order their catalogue.

Well, I hope that helps some of you budding taxidermists in the UK! Feel free to email me at with anything, any time!

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