Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mice, mice everywhere!

Today I did four mouse mounts! Two were for customers, and two were just to get the mice out the freezer. They'll probably be for ebay. I've been having slipping problems with mice so I am a bit worried that they might slip too. I used dry-preserve from Snowdonia Supplies instead of borax this time, so I hope that it may make a different. I didn't have time to mount the little rats tonight, but I think I will attempt that tomorrow morning.

The first mouse is in a sleeping pose:

 I still need to touch up the eyes as he dries.

The second mouse was a hanging mouse! He has some stronger wire in his front left paw, so he can hang off things.

Both are going to be used in art projects as far as I know, so that will be fun to see! I hope that the artists will show me photos when they are done!

Taxidermy mice start at £15!

Also, the entire morning was spent getting post together, so if you were waiting for something from my ebay store or DA, you will get it soon!

And finally, I got a little video camera today! I need to figure it out so that I can make some taxidermy-related videos for you all :D

Tomorrows projects:

Rat mounts
Other art things (icons etc)

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