Sunday, 5 February 2012

Quail, stoats and more mice

The two clients were happy with their mouse mounts, so that made me happy also :) One of them has ordered a second mouse in a different position, so I will get onto that later or tomorrow, hopefully!

My quail is pretty much dry, but I noticed that the skin has pulled away on it's belly. I am going to order some white down feathers from ebay, and attempt a repair/feather transplant! Since it is my first bird, I am not overly bothered, but it would be nice if the quail came out nice at least. The neck is also too long but I don't really know how to fix that... I know for the next quail, though!

I got some Jay forms in the mail the other day, as well as some jackdaw, crow and rook eyes. So will have a go at my array of birds this week :)

This morning I skinned a pair of stoats! I learned that I should really spray stop-slip on anything, as the stoat that was for a customer decided to slip on her belly... Hopefully she is salvageable, both are being salted right now, so I hope they will be okay.

I took some videos as I was skinning and salting, so I'm in the process of  uploading them to youtube right now. I'll link them when I'm done!

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