Friday, 19 October 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates, I am really busy with getting everything ready to launch my business! I am trying to make lots of taxidermy examples at the moment too, for a photo portfolio to show the 'board' next Thursday. Very nervewrecking indeed.

This week I have been doing various things, including preparing some cute rabbits for taxidermy. Here they are frozen whole:

Unfortunately the smallest black one slipped badly on it's face and back, so I just kept some of the pelt and the feet. The rest are all being preserved in denatured alcohol, or being tanned. Hopefully I will get to mounting them in a day or so :)

Finally I got around to tackling my fox cub! It took me a long time, as I had to correct various mistakes, and I was going off only measurements, no carcass drawings or anything.

She turned out like this:

I am pretty happy with her, with her being my first ever fox! She's very cute and fluffy, and I will have a hard time parting with her, I feel. I had some issues with her ears and such, and her face, but I think she turned out okay, and I learned a lot!

Well, I am off to work on a squirrel now!

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