Friday, 26 October 2012

How to use Google Checkout to purchase items

Hi guys!

I am still having some problems with my paypal account and so I have switched over to Google checkout. I prefer it by far so far! Many people seem pretty confused when it comes to using google checkout as a payment method though. So I have written up this little guide!

How to use Google Checkout!

1) Determine the total cost of your purchase, including shipping. The currency will be converted to £GBP, but anything you pay will of course be paid in your own currency, from you bank account.

2) If using Etsy, purchase the item and select 'other' as your payment method.

3) I will need your EMAIL. This can be a google email, or anything else. You will be prompted to create a google wallet account to pay for your purchase/s. DO NOT WORRY, this is a one time thing and it will be linked to your bank account or credit/debit card. It functions very similar to paypal with the same fee structure.

4) I will email you an invoice of the full amount required.

5) You will then pay the invoice, and I will charge it to you card/bank etc

6) That's it! You will also receive a shipping confirmation and/or tracking number when the item is dispatched.

Also I have a 10% OFF Etsy coupon code! Enter 'INARI1' for your discount!

My Etsy store is here:

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